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Cessna 172

Our Cessna 172 is used for cargo, freight, patrols, reconnaissance and aerial photography.


Year: 1969

Model: Cessna 172 K

Number of Seats: 4

Turbo Thrush

Our Turbo Thrush is used for aerial application or freight.


Year 2010

Model: S2R 510

Number of Seats: 1


Our Thrush is used for aerial application or freight.


Year: 1982

Model: Ayres S2R

Number of seats: 1


The Piper Navajo is used for freight and cargo.


Our Diamond is used for patrols/reconnaissance and aerial photography.

Year: 2008

Model: DA40 XLS

Number of Seats: 4

Safety oriented company taking steps for our employees to have a safe workplace.  Helping get them home to their families every night starts with a safe aircraft on a strict maintenance schedule. The aircraft is equipped with state of the art glass panel Garmin G1000 GPS, IFR (Instrument Flying) capable with synthetic vision technology and auto pilot capabilities. Our pilots undergo extensive initial training along with routine update training to keep current with all changes and regulations. The bubble canopy allows ease of quality photographs taken for all of your reconnaissance needs. Safety is our number one priority.

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