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Avcom Ltd. is a commercially certified aerial surveillance business who has been servicing Southern Manitoba, Canada for over 35 years.


We complete each contract fully and thoroughly, providing detailed reports on your pipelines and transmission lines. Our work is comprehensive.


Avcom Ltd. has a dedicated team to provide you with a variety of aerial services and a point of contact close to your pipelines.

Contact us about one of our many services.

We own a variety of aircraft to service your aerial needs.

Learn about our fleet and the different uses for each aircraft.  We are here to help you.



We are a dedicated team of pilots with a personalized approach.  We work with our clients to provide a variety of services.  Our combined experience allows us to provide a unique aerial solution for any of your needs.

Meet The Team

Steven Kiansky

Steven Kiansky obtained his pilots license at the young age of 16. He continued his education and obtained his commercial pilots license and instructor rating. Shortly after the completion of his instructor rating Steven began a career in aerial application. In 1999 Steven purchased and began to operate his very own aerial application business known as Southeast Air Service Ltd.  which he operates with his wife and four children.  In 2002 Steven began working for an aerial surveillance company known as Avcom Ltd. In 2012, with nearly 30 years and over 10,000 hours of piloting experience Steven purchased Avcom Ltd. and continues to successfully own and operate both small family businesses to this day. Steven specialized in the application and distribution of crop care products, high level and low level reconnaissance, pipeline patrols of natural resources, line patrols, aerial freight and charter, with safety as his number one priority.  In his spare time Steven operates a mixed farm with his nephew Scott. Steven also enjoys fishing in his down time and flying different types of aircraft.

Ashley Kiansky

Ashley Kiansky graduated from the University of Manitoba in the spring of 2017 with her Diploma in Agriculture. She obtained her private pilots license after graduation and is currently studying to obtain her commercial pilots license. Ashley is the office manager, working and learning alongside her father Steven and cousin Scott. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Scott Kiansky

Scott Kiansky

Scott developed a passion for flying very early on in his life, getting his recreational license at the age of sixteen. His early years were very much influenced by his father and uncle, both who pursued flying in different capacities. Much of his summers were spent working as ground crew for Southeast Air, where his passion continued to grow. He knew he wanted to pursue a career as an agricultural pilot. In 2007 Scott was presented with an opportunity to help grow his father’s business; an opportunity that would take him away from the flying industry and relocate him to Ontario. It is during this time that he met his wife, Sanja. In 2011 he knew he wanted to realize his dreams, and together with Sanja, he returned to Manitoba to do just that. That following year Scott did, in fact, accomplish what he set out to do. He acquired his commercial pilot license. He returned to work as for Southeast Air as an agricultural pilot and today he calls Altona home. Currently, Scott holds certification as the Person Responsible for Maintenance for the business. 

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